The List


The list!

I’ll update the master list every few weeks. For more upto date lists see the montly list:


  1. January Jaden Smith as a new face of womenswear (The Guardian)
  2. Chris Gayle flirting with a reporter (The Independent) (The Guardian)
  3. BBC Covering a news story…  (BBC News)

    Number 3
  4. French comics festival marred by sexism row – (BBC News)
  5. Owen Jones whining about the Torys. (Guardian)
  6. Considering religious groups sentiments when planning exam timetables. (Daily Mirror) (Guardian)
  7. People thinking that Donald Trump THINKS Paris is in Germany (BBC NEWS)
  8. Groups in America thinking it is unreasonable to have a background check when buying a gun…
  9. Company whose sole aim is to make money get people in a strop when they introduce a new wire (again) for their slightly upgraded phone. (Metro)
  10. Cecil Rhodes Statues… again (Guardian) (The Independent)
  11. Charity Ambassador suggests diverting International Aid to Flood defenses isn’t the best idea (The Independent)
  12. Doctors recommending that maybe, just maybe, alcohol isn’t actually very good for your health. (The Guardian) (BBC News)
  13. Righties thinking the BBC is too Left…
  14. Lefties thinking the BBC is too Right…
  15. Zippy Stardust
    Number 15

    Not thinking David Bowie was the greatest musician of all time

  16. George RR Martin not finishing a book (The Independent)
  17. Jeremy Hunt pissing off a lot of young doctors. (The Guardian) (BBC News) (Daily Mirror)
  18. Jeremy Hunt pissing off the nurses (Daily Mirror)
  19. Pointless artist does a pointless art study at tax payers expense (The Independent)
  20. The fact the UK government sell arms to head chopping psychotic despots. (The Independent)
  21. London sodding Underground staff striking AGAIN… (BBC News) (YouTube)
  22. These cockwombles on Tumblr

    Number 22
  23. Not thinking Star Wars: Force Awakens is the best film EVVVVUUUR
  24. We are “demonising working class communities” by watching Chav Porn. (The Independent)
  25. Celebrity Big Brother is offending people. Don’t why, don’t care.
  26. Fucklets being annoyed about the Doctors strike.
  27. Star Wars: The Force Awakens being pretty much the same as A New Hope. (The Independent)
  28. People being offended that an old rich man has married a slightly younger woman (The Guardian)
  29. Corset ad promising ‘sexy, tiny waist’ banned for being irresponsible (The Guardian)
  30. This douchebag…  (Metro)
  31. The Huffington Post’s Excessive Use Of Capital Letters (The Huffington Post)
  32. Water company makes profits (The Independent)
  33. Celebrity Big Brother is offending people, again.  (The Guardian)
  34. This bloke being offended that Tony Blair is pretending to like David Bowie (The Independent)
  35. Troll Magazine trolling people again (Charlie Hebdo). (Metro)
  36. People Saying “Life Hack”
  37. Honorary Mention for years of being easily offended, Shami Chakrabarti steps down as Liberty director after 12 years (The Guardian)
  38. Polly Toynbee crusading again (The Guardian)
  39. The Guardian being offended that a Euro-Sceptic Tory MP is Euro Sceptic (The Guardian)
  40. Jeremy Hunt doing his upmost to have ALL doctors strike (The Guardian)
  41. Donald Trump… (The Guardian)
  42. Twitter Thinking that the Question Time panel is 100% right-wing

    Number 42
  43. People whinging that 3 average films not being Oscar nominated is RACIST #OscarsSoWhite
  44. People whinging that Carol didn’t get enough Oscar nominations despite getting Best Cinematography, Best Costume, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Score, and, AND, more crucially, Best Actress AND best Supporting Actress. So no nominations then…
  45. Twitter being offended about a TV quiz show contestant. (Metro)
  46. This doctor on Question Time (The Mirror)
  47. Kelvin MacKenzie just being Kelvin MacKenzie (BBC News)
  48. Apparently white celebrities who adopt black children should campaign for more Oscar nominations for black actresses/actors (The Guardian)
  49. Migrant crisis: Denmark MPs consider seizing valuables (BBC News)
  50. Migrant crisis: Switzerland defends asset seizure law (BBC News)
  51. This douchenozzle being offended by the TV show Friends (The Independent)
  52. The Revenant is meaningless pain porn (The Guardian)
  53. Pig Lizards being offended that Emma Watson made a tribute to a friend and colleague (Hellou) (Huffington Post)
  54. Buy me a breast implant is a thing… (my free implants) (The Independent)
  55. This bloke now getting a passport for his daughter. (The Independent)
  56. Tories privatising the rail network… (The Independent)
  57. Sad vegetarian bastards can’t take a fucking joke. (Metro) (The Independent)
  58. Lots of topless women went for a picnic and not everyone was happy (Metro)
  59. Grim bastards looking at Minecraft porn (Metro)
  60. No doubt Liverpool fans are offended by this, they’re offended by everything. (The Mirror)

    Number 71
  61. David Cameron whinging that the BBC calls ISIS/ISIL/IS “So-called Islamic State” instead of Deash. (Huffington Post) (The Guardian)
  62. This dickbag wanting to ban the gastric band… (Huffington Post)
  63. White woman telling us David Cameron is alienating Muslim women (The Guardian)
  64. Coldplay to be given NME’s Godlike Genius Award at NME Awards 2016 OFFENDS EVERYONE. (NME)
  65. Madonna is offended people are laughing at her for being too drunk to sing properly (Mirror)
  66. The Independent being offended that the Telegraph doesn’t like Jeremy Corbyn (Independent)
  67. Cecil Rhodes statues again again… (The Independent)
  68. People being overly prissy about a crap joke by News Anchor Jon Snow (Huffington Post) (BBC News)
  69. #WhatWomenWantIn5Words hashtag on Twatter
  70. People being successfully trolled by a Dominic Lawson Column (Huffington Post)

    Number 80
  71. This guy being offended by people being offended by burgers
  72. Tree-hugger saying that scrapping Nuclear Weapons on a submarine isn’t “enough” (The Guardian)
  73. Sophia Cannon on a #OscarsSoWhite crusade (Twitter 1) (Twitter 2) (Twitter 3)
  74. David Cameron wanting to ban Muslim Veils (The Independent)
  75. Jack Monroe being trolled by Katie Hopkins (The Independent) (Huffington Post)
  76. Using the term “Shut down” (Metro)
  77. The hashtag #SexyScience (Twatter)
  78. This couple wasting their time trying to get a Civil Partnership (The Guardian)
  79. This bloke wants to sext at work… (The Guardian)
  80. Bill… (BBC Trending) (News Thump)
  81. A Birthday Cake for George Washington (The Independent)
  82. This bloke being hyper offended that the Eagles were popular.

    Number 82
    Number 82
  83. This purpleheaded warrior hating on the list.

    Number 83
  84. This kid getting arrested for saying he lived in a Terrorist House, instead of terrace… (The Independent) (The Guardian) (BBC News)

    stupid names
    Number 86
  85. Kanye West offending all the new Bowie fans (The Independent) (The Mirror)
  86. Kids with stupid spelling of names.
  87. Cecil Rhodes statue… (The Guardian)
  88. This person rightly being pissed off about University “Safe Spaces” (The Guardian)
  89. Use of the term “shut down”… Sunny Leone. (The Mirror)
  90. Women’s clothing costing more than men’s (The Guardian)
  91. Domino’s Pizza firing a member of staff for having a sense of humour (The Mirror)
  92. Zac Efron annoying people with a shit tweet about Martin Luther King. (People) (Huffington Post)
  93. People wanting the Guardian to
    Number 93

    #DropShell as a sponsor. (Twatter)

  94. The high street plays on women’s insecurities – then makes them pay (Guardian)
  95. Sarah Palin endorsing an equally idiotic racist (Huffington Post)
  96. Frankie Boyle being offended that his own column in the Guardian was censored (Huffington Post)
  97. Government lying about Hospital Deaths (Independent)
  98. Scrapping student grants (The Independent)
  99. Forcing foreigners to speak English (The Independent)
  100. The “Establishment” is out to get Jeremy Corbyn (Huffington Post) (LBC)
  101. Pub advertises for TOPLESS barmaids in bid to increase trade (Daily Mirror)
  102. Tory twit using poppers. (The Mirror)
  103. Creativity being “wiped out” (The Guardian)
  104. This person claiming to not give a fuck (The Guardian)
  105. Russia murdering a man with polonium. (The Independent)
  106. This person not “believing anything when he sees sports” (The Independent)
  107. These dinks on 9Gag not understanding the dairy process. (9gag)
  108. This bitch in Salford (Metro)
  109. People being offended that a dreary singer shared an experience of his mate getting racial abuse (Metro) (LBC)
  110. Jeremy Corbyn being left-wing… (Huffington Post)
  111. Tories paying the man that won them the election (Huffington Post)
  112. Music snobs not being able to handle the Eagles (The Guardian)
  113. Owen Jones (for once) justifiably miffed about sodding buses (The Guardian)
  114. Me agreeing with an Owen Jones article!
  115. This cretin wanting to ban people throwing sticks for dogs (The Guardian)
  116. People not realising the different between what Sam Smith said, and what his mate accepting an award said. (The Independent)
  117. Trump and Palin not being a joke… (The Independent) (The Guardian)
  118. Basement dwellers start “trolling day” against ISIS (The Independent)
  119. London’s fucking Cycle SuperHighway… (LBC)
  120. This person giving all students a bad name on The Chase (The Mirror)
  121. Student massively over reacting to a server outage “I don’t pay £9,000 for a server to only encourage the nervous breakdown I spend my life trying to avoid.[sic]” (Forge Press)
  122. This pillock has banned Chess (The Guardian)
  123. This band not getting enough plays (Sound Cloud)
  124. This person objecting to “marriage” and “civil partnerships” (The Independent)
  125. Former Labour MP offended by standard TV interview with the current party leader (Huffington Post)
  126. Russia aren’t happy the UK have blamed Putin for the murder of Aleksandr Litvinenko (RT)
  127. German guide to refugees on how to integrate… (RT)
  128. Iran censor the word “wine”… (RT)
  129. Wah wha wah Colonialism (The Independent)
  130. The Danes are racist because they love pork (The Independent)
  131. Not being racist is no longer good enough (The Guardian)
  132. This bloke is upset people are blaming the Chinese for the stock market downturn (The Guardian)
  133. David Cameron is a colonialist… (The Guardian)
  134. Tatler’s “People Who Really Matter” list (The Independent)
  135. Asking Immigrants to learn English (The Independent)
  136. Corbynites not getting along with Blairites… (The Independent)
  137. This twonk being annoyed at Facebook trending :D twonk
  138. The French have managed to annoy the UN (The Independent)
  139. This list of “19 of the best guitar solos of all time” (The Metro)
  140. Katie Hopkins successfully trolling people again (Huffington Post)
  141. Remember, the BBC is totally Right-wing (Huffington Post)
  142. This guy…

    Number 142
  143. This bloke is offended that the bloke in Number 122 is offended by chess (The Guardian)
  144. Oscars are racist to white people too (The Guardian)
  145. This bloke is annoyed that TV companies dictate the football schedules (The Mirror)
  146. Mike Ashley (The Guardian)
  147. Rey not appearing in the new version of Star Wars Monopoly (someone’s blog)
  148. The new Facebook craze of posting baby pictures.
  149. You need to check your white priveledge… (The Guardian)
  150. People getting annoyed at a “How to not get annoyed by things on the Internet” article (The Independent)
  151. Corbynites really can’t handle any form of criticism (The Independent)
  152. The Oscars are now racist to Latinos (The Guardian)
  153. The Oscars are racist to disabled people (The Independent)
  154. BBC Presenter told to go on Strictly “for sake of career” (The Independent)
  155. People are offended that a wrestler won a wrestling wrestle.
  156. British justice system, while not as bad as the America, is still pretty shit (The Guardian)
  157. This person is offended that Sesame Street has changed (The Guardian)
  158. Atrocious reality TV show offending people by being atrocious… (Metro)
  159. Clarkson trolling again (Metro)
  160. Adidas don’t like drug cheats (The Independent)
  161. Humans ARE getting stupider (The Mirror)
  162. This being “news” (The Mirror)
  163. Polly Toynbee STILL banging on about Corbyn (The Guardian)
  164. Women’s clothes cost more than men’s (The Guardian)
  165. French People striking (and burning things) over Uber (Huffington Post)
  166. Secularists think it is unfair the Government wants to limit spurious complaints (The Guardian)
  167. Google paying £130 million in tax (The Guardian)

    Number 170
  168. Man United fans offended manager wasn’t allowed to resign (The Guardian) (The Mirror)
  169. This womans eyebrows are offending the Internet (The Mirror)
  170. Daily Mail trolling idiots on Twitter again
  171. Owen Jones thinking we are at war with Yemen (The Guardian)
  172. David Cameron being Tory (The Guardian)
  173. This bloke coming to the realisation that Donald Trump is in fact talking shit (The Guardian)
  174. Businesses are design to maximise profit (The Guardian)
  175. London being expensive (The Guardian)
  176. This school banned parents wearing pyjamas… (BBC News) (The Guardian) (The Independent)
  177. This bloke not understanding the principle of Supply and Demand 

    2016-01-27 18.48.17
    Number 177
  178. Stupid pregnancy fads (The Independent) (The Mirror)
  179. Damien Lewis is too posh for a comprehensive school (The Independent) (The Guardian)
  180. Phil Anselmo being “a bit” racist (Blabbermouth)
  181. Google paying the amount of tax Google wanted too (The Independent)
  182. Polly Toynbee having a whinge (The Guardian)
  183. White actor to play Micheal Jackson (BBC News) (The Guardian) (RT)
  184. Person who in theory should know the true effects of Hitler bandies the “worse than Hitler” argument around (RT)
  185. Tories using the term “bunch of migrants” (Huffington Post)
  186. Apparently Jeremy Corbyn is responsible for a “Class War”… (The Independent)
  187. Fucking vegans (The Guardian)
  188. This bloke wants to ban rugby for men in body armour (The Guardian)

    Number 190
  189. Another company maximising their profits by reducing their tax burden (The Guardian)
  190. This person being trolled
  191. Fucking Pyjamas again! (The Guardian)
  192. Terrible E-fits (The Independent)
  193. Clickbaitey headlines like “London ‘Feminist’ Couple Reject Marriage As ‘Patriarchal Institution'” (Huffington Post)
  194. They’re still talking about a fucking statue (The Guardian)
  195. Selfies are ruining your relationship  (The Independent)
  196. Celebrity Big Brother is offending people again (The Mirror)
  197. “London is worse than Mogadishu” – Some Twit (Huffington Post)
  198. People are surprised a fat skin-head in camo-shorts is a MASSIVE racist (Metal Sucks)
  199. People thinking a rich white man isn’t going to make his rich white son the head of one of his businesses (The Guardian)
  200. Tits!IMG_20160130_122423
  201. February This bloke is offended about the fact he was offended about a cake shop not making a cake with a “gay slogan on it” (The Guardian)
  202. Ban Kee Moon offends a dictator (The Independent)
  203. Dizzee Rascal still being a thing (Tramlines)
  204. Ever keen to keep the darkies out, Cambridge introduce written admissions tests (The Guardian)
  205. This special case wanting to sue over a horse photo… (The Guardian)
  206. It is the anti-abortion lobbies fault that the Zika Virus is spreading… (The Independent)
  207. Jeremy Hunt opened his fucktard of a mouth (The Independent)
  208. It is offensive that woman now have to retire at the same age as men (Huffington Post)
  209. This piece of excrement (Manchester Evening News)
  210. Australian government are SUPER offended by tattoos (Hubpages)
  211. This person is offended by the latest Facebook fad (The Guardian)
  212. Bloke complaining that companies prefer making profit over paying tax (The Guardian)
  213. Government removing “800,000” people from electoral registers (The Independent)
  214. People are surprised hardline Tories are still anti Europe… (Huffington Post)
  215. This bellend

    Facebook fuck up
    Number 215
  216. Fucking vegans… FUCK OFF (The Guardian)
  217. Corbynites having another whinge (The Independent)
  218. Ha, this David Bowie mural (i100)
  219. This animal rights piss-stain (The Guardian)
  220. Number 219 makes me so angry I had to add myself, fucking pissfuck!
  221. Polly Toynbee having a winge about the Tories and EU (The Guardian)
  222. Tube Drivers thinking they are underpaid again… (The Independent)
  223. Las Vegas offends this person (The Guardian)
  224. Whiney bitches lack a sense of humour about this Danish video (BBC News)
  225. Daily Express trolls the people again, and AGAIN, people fall for it (Huffington Post)
  226. Prudish MPS are offended by a chalk penis (BBC News)
  227. Football wankers being offended Jeremy Vine wants Leicester to win the league (BBC News)
  228. Even The Guardian think that the UN’s “arbitrary detention” is fucking rediculous (The Guardian)
  229. Feminist on Tinder (Actually quite funny) (Instagram)
  230. This waste of space Scottish MP (Buzzfeed)
  231. People on Twatter whinging that Twatter might filter your feeds#RIPTwitter
  232. The Milk Tray Man was a pedo/rapist/sinister villain (The Guardian)
  233. The Superb Owl half time show (The Independent)
  234. Jeremy Hunt pissing off the Junior doctors again (Huffington Post)
  235. Prick is suing the family of the person HE shot. (BBC News)
  236. People are whinging that a film is being filmed in London (Huffington Post) (Metro)
  237. This case making it to court (Huffington Post)
  238. These people are offended by the name for the new Bourne film (Metro)
  239. Dullard want to ban Welsh rugby fans singing Delilah (The Guardian)
  240. People are being mean about the bloke in Coldplay at the Superb Owl (The Independent)
  241. Jeremy Hunt (The Independent)
  242. These two girls purpling up, and being suspended for blacking up (Metro)
    Number 242
  243. Government want to give a job to an Amazon Exec (The Guardian)
  244. Football fans are offended by the price of a football ticket (Daily Mirror)
  245. Person is offended that a man is hired to “get more women into top jobs”(The Guardian)
  246. Black cab drivers are offended by Uber again (The Guardian)
  247. Facebook spying on people (Metro)
  248. Gay Pride is racist (The Independent)
  249. Rich people are worried that Crossrail could “damage their basement extensions” (LBC)
  250. Being trolled by Richard Littlejohn (Huffington Post)
  251. MPs get a larger payrise than the rest of us public sector peasants (Huffington Post)
  252. Reality TV has gone too far (The Guardian)
  253. Beyonce has offended white people (The Mirror)
  254. Police make a U-Turn on sex crimes (Huffington Post)
  255. topgearThis entirely “representative” tweet about the new line up of Top Gear (ITV News) (The Independent) (Metro)
  256. Policeman saying the “police shouldn’t automatically assume a reported crime is true” (The Independent)
  257. Shunning Israeli good to become a criminal offence (The Independent)
  258. Vice-Chancellor pay (The Independent)
  259. Peter Tatchell being no platformed by student union pissants (The Guardian)
  260. This person doesn’t trust a man who believes in god… (The Guardian)
  261. Vitamin BAE being a thing

    Number 261
  262. Person is offended by a TV show, AND people who like to go skiing (The Guardian)
  263. This person REALLY doesn’t like Top Gear, and has decided the new series will be terrible (The Guardian)
  264. Jeremy Hunt being Jeremy Hunt (Huffington Post)
  265. Even Stephen Fry is sick of sanctimonious fuckers on Twitter (Metro) (BBC News)
  266. Elitest music pricks

    Number 266
  267. Zoolander 2 is “fat-phobic” (Huffington Post)
  268. Faux-Outrage over “transphobic joke” (Huffington Post)
  269. Polly Toynbee whinging (The Guardian)
  270. Jeremy Corbyn is offended by a book about him (Huffington Post)
  271. Boring over-hyped dad rock band playing over rated dad rock festival (The Independent)
  272. Fucking Vegan(s) again (again) (The Guardian)
  273. Ronnie O’Sullivan purposefully not getting a 147 break (The Guardian)
  274. Dress codes should be banned (The Guardian)
  275. Fuckwits are angry that Eddie Redmayne misspoke about Trans issues (Metro)
  276. ‘This Morning’ having creepy 8 year old pole dancers… (Metro)
  277. The animal rights dickbag is angry at the son of David Bowie for his description of Lady Gaga’s “tribute” (The Guardian)
  278. Football fans are offended by the price of football fanning (BBC Sport)
  279. People are upset Taylor Swift did something (The Independent)
  280. Italians are offended about how we drink coffee (The Guardian)
  281. Jeremy Hunt offending Junior Doctors again (Huffington Post)
  282. Bring Me The Horizon butthurt Coldplay (NME)
  283. Idiots kill a baby dolphin (Metro) (Huffington Post)
  284. Polly Toynbee whinging about stuff again (The Guardian)
  285. This person is offended that people are offended by people being no platformed (The Independent)
  286. Millennials (The Independent)
  287. Ronda Rousey offended by Photoshop (Metro)
  288. Honorary Mention to @UptheCypherPunx for Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture (Medium)
  289. The Guardian is too pro-Israel/too Anti-Israel (The Guardian)
  290. Fake One Direction sex tape (The Independent)
  291. Help-to-Buy isn’t helping (The Independent)
  292. Football conspiracy theorists think the FA Cup draw is rigged (Metro)

    Number 294
  293. The thing happening in the news with Ke$ha (Billboard)
  294. People just realised early Disney films were a little racist (Metro)
  295. Donald Trump has offended the Pope… (Huffington Post)
  296. George Galloway offended by being asked about himself (Huffington Post)
  297. LBC bloke is offended that Boris Johnson is only out for Boris Johnson (Huffington Post)
  298. Owen Jones is offended that Boris Johnson is only out for Boris Johnson (Huffington Post)
  299. Polly Toynbee, the heroic Crusader at it again (The Guardian)
  300. Homeopaths offended that bullshit has finally been called on Homeopathy (The Independent)
  301. Rich man offended a rich woman wants poor people to be able to partake in rich people activities (Huffington Post)
  302. Another person is bothered that Boris Johnson is looking out for Boris Johnson (Huffington Post)
  303. Boris Johnson offending the French by being Boris (Huffington Post)
  304. This bloke got dumped (YouTube)
  305. Person offended that Labour aren’t that bothered about Boris Johnson being Boris Johnson (The Independent)
  306. David Cameron is offended by Boris being Boris (The Guardian)
  307. Somebody is upset Kristin Scott Thomas has told fat people to stop wearing mini-skirts (The Independent)
  308. HS2 (The Independent)
  309. This shitbags reasons for suing (The Independent)
  310. Somebody is happy people are calling Israel an apartheid state (The Independent)
  311. Owen Jones doesn’t like Private Schools, we’re all surprised (The Guardian)
  312. This person will leave the UK if the UK leaves the EU (The Guardian)
  313. Not entirely sure why, but disabled people are offended by the new Tube line… (Huffington Post)
  314. Whiny Student Unions moaning that people think student politics is a little childish (Huffington Post)
  315. This pedophile not being sent to prison (Metro)
  316. Women offended they have to retire at the same age as men (The Guardian)
  317. Tories offended by Corbyn’s suit (The Guardian)
  318. This twonk didn’t understand the humour in a Guardian article (Huffington Post)
  319. It is Obama’s fault the world might get Trump (The Guardian)
  320. David Cameron has offended Count Dracula (Huffington Post)
  321. These unique snowflakes want to ban the Free Speech Society (Huffington Post)
  322. This person is offended by Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film (The Guardian)
  323. Sam Smith not knowing enough about LGBT stuff… and Owen Jones whinging (The Guardian) (The Independent) (Huffington Post)
  324. Sadiq Kahn doesnt “Know enough about Londoners (The Independent)
  325. Polly Fucking Toynbee (The Guardian)
  326. Idiots on The Chase (Metro)
  327. Successful troll is successful about plus sized models (Huffington Post)
  328. Ken Livingstone’s Savile jibe at Dan Jarvis donors sparks anger (BBC News) (Huffington Post)

    2016-03-04 14.11.56
    Number 330
  329. Kim Kardashian being a thing
  330. Beyonce does something (Number 330)
  331. Polly Toynbee… (The Guardian)
  332. You’re not allowed to say plus sized models are “fat” (Metro) (Glamour)
  333. People are realising that the new Ghostbusters is going to be terrible (AND RACIST) (The Independent)
  334. JK Rowling under fire for writing about ‘Native American wizards’ (The Guardian)
  335. The butthurt caused when you say Shenmue isn’t “the best game ever” (Reddit)
  336. Crufts is offending people again (The Independent)
  337. Hiring a black woman who isn’t black enough to play a Nina Simone (The Guardian)
  338. Polly Toynbee… again (The Guardian)
  339. “Hot Migrants” (Metro)
  340. This school has banned “tig” (BBC News)
  341. Special Snowflakes needing safe-spaces because of Sombreros (National reviews)